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City Addresses Mortgage Lenders and Sanitation Bills


Department of Public Affairs

Media Contact: Jacqueline Howell, Interim Director, Public Affairs

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Important Notice for City of South Fulton Residents Regarding Mortgage Lender Payments of Sanitation Bills

(CITY OF SOUTH FULTON, GA – September 25, 2023) – We want to bring to your attention an important matter regarding your sanitation bills that may have been paid by your mortgage lenders without prior notification from either the Tax Commissioner's Office or the City.

It has come to our attention that some mortgage companies have independently handled sanitation bill payments on behalf of homeowners. This is a situation that varies from one mortgage company to another, as each has its own protocol for managing such liabilities.

We understand that this unexpected development may raise questions or concerns. Rest assured, the Tax Commissioner's Office has been working diligently to address this issue in a fair and efficient manner. They have confirmed that homeowners who paid their sanitation bills and were then notified that the payment was made by their mortgage holders will receive refunds directly.

For those residents who had previously enrolled in our Sanitation Waste Assistance Program (SWAP) and subsequently had their bills paid by their mortgage companies, the refund will be returned to the City of South Fulton.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this situation may have caused. The City of South Fulton remains committed to transparency and open communication with our residents. If you have been affected, we encourage you to contact your mortgage lender directly or contact the Tax Commissioner's Office for any specific inquiries regarding your sanitation bill and possible refund process.

Thank you for being valued members of our community.


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