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Grammy-nominated producer Turbo is giving back to the community that raised him

BY MALIK BROWN | NOV 20, 2023 - 9:02 PM

Turbo partnered with the city of South Fulton for their Thanksgiving meal giveaway

Turbo The Great wanted to give back to the community he was raised in, so on Nov. 20, the Grammy-nominated producer partnered with the city of South Fulton for a Thanksgiving giveaway at Welcome All Park. The giveaway served over 300 families in the community with turkeys, greens, and other Thanksgiving items.

Turbo spoke with rolling out about the giveaway and what South Fulton means to him, and he gave words of encouragement to families for the holiday season.

Why was this giveaway special for you?

I grew up over here. I played in this same park, and to be able to do this, I’m living my dream right now. This is my first year doing this. I did a Turbo Day this year with Councilwoman Willis. We had a chance to stay connected and plan this. We’re going to do this annually. I always wanted to do something like this. Shout out to my manager because this was one of the first things I said that I wanted to do when we started working together, and we were able to pull it off in a year. It’s a dream come true.

What does this community mean to you?

It means everything. Like I said, I played in these same parks, and I got into trouble on these same streets. For me, I always wanted to be an example, and I always wanted to let the kids see exactly what it looks like to come from this neighborhood and show that you can become something. This neighborhood, the city of South Fulton, Old National, and Flat Shoals, is my home.

What is the message you want to send to families that are dealing with loss during the holiday season?

It’s always love. Let’s always start with love. I know it’s been a tough year, and it has been a tough year for me. I want to make sure those families know it’s always love. I love you, my family loves you, and we have to keep going. We’re going to keep praying to get through whatever trials and tribulations we have going on.

Tell us about your recently released song with Gunna, “Bachelor.”

That’s my brother. To be able to help him, collaborate, and come together and do something, it’s another one of those great things that I’m proud to say that I did, and you know we’re still connected.


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