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Proclamations Presented to Dr. Elizabeth "Beth" K. Bolton-Harris & Pamela Harvey!

Privileged to honor two special veterans who have selflessly served our nation - Pamela Harvey & Dr. Elizabeth "Beth" K. Bolton-Harris!

In every branch of the military, lady veterans have stood tall, defending our freedom with grace and determination.

About The Veterans:

Dr. Bolton-Harris not only demonstrated immense dedication and valor while serving several tours in the Navy, but also earned the Army Commendation Medal for her exceptional service. Her commitment extends beyond her profession, as she co-founded the non-profit South Fulton Parents for Education, advocating for educational opportunities for children in the South Fulton Community. She also actively participated in school governance councils, campaign management for educational initiatives, and community-building efforts.

Pamela Harvey began her military career by training with Special Forces at both Ft Sam Houston, Texas, and Ft Huachuca, Arizona. She dedicated her life to selfless service and unwavering commitment to the well-being of her community by entering the medical field, and later retiring from the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2020.


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